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Morning Quotes to Inspire You to Enjoy the Gift of Life

Most of us have heard the adage Rise and shine — the early bird gets the worm, but do you really know the meaning behind these words? Its widely believed that early risers have more time to achieve their goals. If youre an early riser, you know how blissful mornings can be. At dawn, the first rays of the sun gently caress the earth, like a mother gently waking her child up. From then on, it is a flurry of activity, with a soundtrack of birds chirping enthusiastically. Theres not much better than catching the morning rays of the sun on your face and basking in the warm golden rays. Take a brisk walk in the fresh air, and enjoy the gentle morning breeze on your face. Inspirational Morning Quotes Here are some inspiring morning quotes to motivate you to jumpstart your day and achieve your goals. Share these morning quotes and encourage others to rise early with you. Maya AngelouIf you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love. Dont be surly at home, then go out in the street and start grinning Good morning at total strangers. Samuel GoldwynI had a monumental idea this morning, but I didn’t like it. Cary GrantMy formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can. Mohandas GandhiPrayer is the key of the morning and the bolt of the evening. Marcus AureliusWhen you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive -- to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. Mark TwainIf its your job to eat a frog, its best to do it first thing in the morning. And if its your job to eat two frogs, its best to eat the biggest one first. Author UnknownIf people were meant to pop out of bed, we’d all sleep in toasters. Emily DickinsonMorning without you is a dwindled dawn. Bertrand RussellIve always thought respectable people scoundrels, and I look anxiously at my face every morning for signs of my becoming a scoundrel. Rabindranath TagoreDo not say, It is morning, and dismiss it with a name of yesterday. See it for the first time as a newborn child that has no name. E. B. WhiteI arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day. William BlakeThink in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night. Salvador DaliEach morning when I awake, I experience again a supreme pleasure — that of being Salvador Dali. Elbert HubbardBe pleasant until ten oclock in the morning and the rest of the day will take care of itself. Ogden NashThe bed is a bundle of paradoxes: we go to it with reluctance, yet we quit it with regret; we make up our minds every night to leave it early, but we make up our bodies every morning to keep it late. Kahlil GibranIn the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed. Billy WilderYou have to have a dream so you can get up in the morning. Jeb DickersonMorning is when the wick is lit. A flame ignited, the day delighted with heat and light, we start the fight for something more than before. Monica BaldwinI have always felt that the moment when you first wake up in the morning is the most wonderful of the twenty-four hours. No matter how weary or dreary you may feel, you possess the certainty that, during the day that lies before you, absolutely anything may happen. And the fact that it practically always doesnt, matters not a jot. The possibility is always there. Rig VedaBy getting up early in the morning one also gets more time at his disposal for work as compared to late-risers. Scholar and thinkers get up early in the morning and contemplate. Ralph Waldo EmersonHow cunningly nature hides every wrinkle of her inconceivable antiquity under roses and violets and morning dew! Marcus AureliusThe breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep. Eleanor RooseveltProbably the happiest period in life most frequently is in middle age, when the eager passions of youth are cooled, and the infirmities of age not yet begun; as we see that the shadows, which are at morning and evening so large, almost entirely disappear at midday. Henry David ThoreauIn my afternoon walk I would fain forget all my morning occupations and my obligations to society. Arthur SchopenhauerEach day is a little life: every waking and rising a little birth, every fresh morning a little youth, every going to rest and sleep a little death. Aldous HuxleyIt was one of those evenings when men feel that truth, goodness and beauty are one. In the morning, when they commit their discovery to paper, when others read it written there, it looks wholly ridiculous. Jesse JamesI knew, however, that the next morning after the fight I would have to get away, and I did just in time, for a full company came early to look for me and were furious because I had escaped them. Quentin TarantinoI always do an all-night horror marathon on Saturdays where we start at seven and go until five in the morning. Van MorrisonA famous person to themselves, they don’t get up in the morning and think, I’m famous. I’m not famous to me. Famous is a perception. Jonas SalkIt is always with excitement that I wake up in the morning wondering what my intuition will toss up to me, like gifts from the sea. I work with it and rely on it. It’s my partner. Samuel Taylor ColeridgeHow like herrings and onions our vices are in the morning after we have committed them. Franz SchubertEvery night when I go to bed, I hope that I may never wake again, and every morning renews my grief. Friedrich Max MullerThe morning hour has gold at the mouth. Ambrose BierceDawn: When men of reason go to bed. Thomas JeffersonWhether I retire to bed early or late, I rise with the sun. Richard WhatelyLose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it. Josh BillingsNever work before breakfast; if you have to work before breakfast, eat your breakfast first.

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To What Extent Do Professor s Ariely s Ideas Help Us...

Business Assignment Part A. To what extent do Professor s Ariely s ideas help us evaluate the effectiveness of Jamie Oliver s management approach? Professor s Ariely s speech on the effects of management does, to a certain extent help us evaluate the effectiveness of Jamie Oliver s hands-on management approach. As a manager, Jamie Oliver would take a personal interest in his students; providing them with training, support (paying for their transport if necessary) and visiting their homes. This allowed Jamie to develop trust and respect with his students and in return, the students established a trust with him. If a manager is attentive and acknowledges their efforts, employees are more likely to uphold their motivation. One example that was presented by Professor Ariely demonstrated this idea that if people s endeavours are recognised, then they will work for longer. The experiment whereby people matched pairs of letters in three different conditions showed results that backed up this hypothesis. In the first condition, they wrote their name, completed the worksheet and showed it to the experimenter, who then scanned it and pu t it in the pile. The second condition, people did not write their name, completed the worksheet, gave it to the experimenter and without looking at it, placed it in the pile. The final condition, the experimenter simply put the completed worksheet in the shredder. In the first condition where the work was acknowledged-people worked forShow MoreRelatedTo What Extent Do Professor s Ariely s Ideas Help Us Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Jamie Oliver s Management Approach?1149 Words   |  5 PagesPart (A) To what extent do Professor’s Ariely’s ideas help us evaluate the effectiveness of Jamie Oliver’s management approach? Professor Dan Ariely helps us to understand certain qualities that makes a good manager. He believes that people need a manager that understands that they are motivated by things other than just money, for example reaching their goals, or the challenge that comes with their jobs. The manager needs to understand that the workers will perform better in their work if they

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Examples of Evaluation Method Free Essays

Preference Evaluation Example A. Direct-Objective Evaluation Direct-objective evaluation can be in the form of test result which connected the object with the objective of the test directly through the test result Examples : 1. Evaluate the student learning objectives by collecting information on student performance on tests. We will write a custom essay sample on Examples of Evaluation Method or any similar topic only for you Order Now If the objective is to make students able to master a particular skill, and that skill is tested in a few questions on an overall exam, the instructor can evaluate attainment of the skill by looking at just those relevant questions on the exam which will give direct measure between the test result and particular skill they have. 2. Evaluate aircraft engine performance after shop visit. The objective is to get optimum airflow through the engine. The object is the clearance between the blades and the shrouds. Method : * measure the length of all blades * measure the diameter of the shrouds * measure clearance between blades and shrouds check on the manual book about the clearance limitations * make adjustment to get optimum clearance refer to manual This method will directly effect on the engine performance by resulting an optimum airflow through the engine which will maintain the engine bypass ratio on its optimum level. B. Ordinal Evaluation Ordinal evaluation allows us to sort the r ank of the object that we measure. The limits of the values are not clear, so that can be compared only if the value is higher, the same or lower than the others but we can’t say how much different interval between the values. Examples : 1. The T-shirt size : S – Small M – Medium L – Large 2. The scale of frequency : 1- Always 2- Often 3- Rarely 4- Occasional 5- Never C. Pair Wise Comparison Pair wise comparison generally refers to any process of comparing entities in pairs to judge which of each entity is preferred, or has a greater amount of some quantitative property. The method of pair wise comparison is used in the scientific study of preferences, attitudes, voting systems, social choice, public choice, and multi agent AI systems. (Wikipedia) Example : Choosing to buy a motorcycle with criteria as follows : * Price * Economical * Design Weight for each criteria : * Price three times more important than design Price is two times more important than economical * Economical one-half times more important than design Pair wise comparison matrix : Criteria| Price| Economical| Design| Priority Vector| Price| 1| 2| 3| 0. 5455| Economical| 0. 5| 1| 1. 5| 0,2727| Design| 0. 333| 0. 667| 1| 0,1818| Total| 1. 833| 3,667| 5. 5| 1| Based on weight of each crite ria, price is the most important, economical is the second important and design is the least important. D. Nominal Evaluation Nominal evaluation classified the criteria but with no relative meaning. Each criteria not represented which one is better or bigger, only categorized it ased on identification and fact of the object. Examples : 1. Number of DKI Jakarta citizen based on religion (2005) : Religion : Islam, Christian, Catholic, Hindu, Buddha Province| Islam| Christian| Catholic| Hindu| Buddha| Total| DKI Jakarta| 7,157,182| 501,168| 336,514| 28,508| 313,217| 8,336,589| 2. Evaluate the number of people based on marriage status : 1 – Married 2 – Single 3. Blood type classification : A, B , O or AB 4. Ethnic group classification : Javanese, Sundanese, or Betawi 5. Classification of part based on color : red, blue, yellow, green, etc How to cite Examples of Evaluation Method, Essay examples

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Leigh Ann Walker Case Analysis Essay Example

Leigh Ann Walker Case Analysis Paper After we reviewed the case of Leigh Ann Walker and discussed it as a group, we felt that Jackie Vaughn overreacted to Walkers admission that she had been untruthful regarding the CPA exam. Walker was only trying to protect her reputation when she had told Vaughn that she had not taken the CPA exam in May and was planning on taking it in November. She had been given a great opportunity in her mind to start her career working with a well-respected individual within the company such as Jackie Vaughn. In Vaughn mind, she didnt want to waste such an opportunity, so he was going to do everything possible to make sure that she did an adequate Job and to impress her superior in every way she could. When the question came up on whether she took the CPA exam, she had reason to assume that she had failed the test in May, so she was only trying to impress Vaughn by telling her that she was planning on taking it in June instead of telling her that she thought the first test was a failure. If we were in the same situation, we wouldve handled the situation differently had we been in Jackie Vaughn position. We will write a custom essay sample on Leigh Ann Walker Case Analysis specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Leigh Ann Walker Case Analysis specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Leigh Ann Walker Case Analysis specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer The biggest mistake that we found with the way Vaughn handled the situation was that she did not talk to Walker directly about how she felt, and she didnt tell her what she wanted to happen before going to upper management. After Vaughn heard the news about Walker passing the CPA exam, she became irritated and didnt talk to Walker for a few days after that. What we would have done in Vaughn place was to talk to Walker about the situation a day after Vaughn heard the news. This way they could both share their sides of the story, and make sure that there wasnt a misunderstanding between the two. If after they met and talked about it, and Vaughn still felt the same way, then we think it would be alright to talk about it with upper management. However, going straight to the top with the news and requesting that Walker be fired is out of the question in our minds. This is because Walker is new to the company, and there is pressure to try a make a good first impression with your fellow employees. Also, because Walker had passed the CPA exam and was such a great student makes her a great hire with potential to become a great employee of the company. As with Jackie Vaughn position, we also would handle the situation differently if we were in Don Roberts position. Roberts fired Walker on the basis of what Jackie Vaughn had told him. We think that Roberts decision is wrong and that Walker should not be fired. The facts are that Walker had been doing a great Job in her first few weeks, she was a great student in college, and she had Just passed her CPA exam. To fire Walker because she was only trying to protect her image and make a good first impression with her fellow employees is wrong. What we would have done was to transfer Walker too different team. This would help Walker gain the respect of some other employees within the company and it allows the company to keep a great worker with a lot of potential. In regards to whether it is possible that one could fulfill the responsibilities of a professional role while lacking personal integrity, we decided that there are situations in which it is possible. In this case, Vaughn questions Walkers personal as lacking personal integrity in the case because she wasnt completely honest with Vaughn, then we decided that it is possible for someone to work in a professional role effectively. Walker continued to do an adequate Job while working on her assignment even though she lacked personal integrity. She is able to do this because she keeps her professional integrity separate from her personal integrity. Just because she wasnt honest to Vaughn, it doesnt mean that she cant fulfill her Job duties. She doesnt lose any of her capabilities Just because she wasnt completely honest. On the other hand, although lacking personal integrity may not affect someones ability to perform their Job duties, we decided that it doesnt make your Job any easier. For example, if a person repeatedly tells lies to employees, or only looks after themselves instead of their fellow employees, then it would make their Job harder. This is because the way you treat other co-workers affects the way that they treat you. If you cant do a favor for a co-worker, then it is less likely that they will help you out when you may need them in the future because they will remember the time when you didnt want to help him or her out. More than likely, there will be times when you may need advice or a favor from one of your co-workers, and lacking personal integrity will not make your Job any easier.

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Health problems Essays

Health problems Essays Health problems Paper Health problems Paper Largely understood, ethics consist of principles, which guide the behavior of entities, groups or professions (Wilkins 2007). Nurses as professionals make autonomous decisions on how they will care for patients. But they are still held accountable to their profession as a whole as regards these autonomous decisions. A nurse’s deportment has been vastly scrutinized from the start. The famous Florence Nightingale pledge in 1893 included the vow to â€Å"abstain from anything deleterious and mischievous†¦ or harmful drug. † The profession evolved into a very complex arena in the last century. Nurses now must confront life-and-death decisions and in short periods, even on an hourly basis. Medical advancements in new technology have the equal potential of benefit and harm. Today’s nurse makes her own decisions, that is, without the influence of her employer. But how she does is under the control of a Code of Ethics to which she swears (Wilkins). In general, nurses are employed by a hospital, clinic or some private entity (Wilkins 2007). Yet seemingly â€Å"independent† decisions made on patient care not really totally independent. Each decision, especially a critical or end-of-life decision, creates a ripple effect, which extends to At first glance of reading the ANA code of ethics it seemed way beyond my â€Å"scope† of practice. I took a lot of time to read since it was kind of repetitive in a sense. I’m a new graduate to nursing field and without experience I don’t have ample nursing philosophy yet. I have worked as a hospice nurse now for 3 weeks, and have a nursing perspective of 3 weeks. It’s hard to imagine the code of ethics being realistic, 100% of the time. As nurses we are humans and not robots. The ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses serves as a prototype for me just entering the field. It’s what I will attempt to stand by. It serves as the framework to what I will strive for. The first three provisions describe the most fundamental values and commitments of the nurse, the next three address boundaries of duty and loyalty, and the last three address aspects of duties beyond individual patient encounters. The first 3 provisions emphasize the fundamentals, commitment, and advocacy of the nursing profession. Acknowledging a someone’s dignity is an integral component of nursing care. This is Not that I have a whole lot of experience being a nurse but when I’m able to make the patient feel comfortable, I get a lot more accomplished. Getting the patient to feel comfortable with you makes a huge difference. I try and decrease any awkward barriers between the patient and I . In the short time I have been a hospice nurse, it has already humbled me tremendously. When you are present in the aide for the moment in life where people are so vulnerable, it changes you. It adds to the dynamics you carry as a nurse. One of my patients is a 93 year old female who lives with her husband of 75 years in an ALF. Not any physical co morbidities besides her old age. Upon her assessment she began talking in stated that she was tired of living and that her and her husband fall asleep and pray to not wake up. Which about made me want to cry. I immediately asked why she felt that way, she stated that she has no reason to live, and the ALF gets old and boring. I replied stating that there is a reason for her living, and that everything has a purpose. I of course didn’t know exactly why, didn’t have those kind of answers. I was learning from her that I was grateful and appreciative to experience this time with her. As I was leaving she expressed that I gave her some push to smile and that I made her feel so much better. The The ANA code of ethics sounds crazy to me. It makes me feel like a robot nurse, so repetitive. Realize it’s a set of standards that were to work up and be about. So many elements in what makes a good nurse. At times I feel like how is a possible to be a perfect nurse in every situation. Were human too and can from suffer from burnout and may need to be the patient. Helps me to be a better nurse, is what if I was in that situation, how would I want to be treated. Sample Essay Reviews of the outcomes of the nursing trends are a must. This I believe is because it could tell us whether the current trends have positive or negative outcomes and whether the goal of such trends has been achieved or not. In this regard, I believe nurses can play a very major role. This conclusion can be drawn easily if one takes a good look at the responsibilities of nurses. It is my responsibility as a nurse to maintain a professional standard during practice as is obvious from the ANA code of ethics. She should plan, implement, and evaluate researches that are carried out for the betterment of the patients but she is also responsible for safeguarding the privacy of the patient, although this responsibility is not absolute when it comes to the well-being of the patients and society at large. The ANAs Code of Ethics (1-2) consists of several ethical statements called provisions. There are a total of nine provisions. The first three of these provisions describe ethical values and nurse commitments while the second three provisions address the parameters of nursing obligations and duties as well as loyalties. The final three provisions examine nurses duties and obligations beyond the general practices associated with caring for individual patients. 1. The nurse, in all professional relationships, practices with compassion and respect for the inherent dignity, worth, and uniqueness of every individual, unrestricted by considerations of social or economic status, personal attributes, or the nature of health problems. 2. The nurses primary commitment is to the patient, whether an individual,family, group, or community. 3. The nurse promotes, advocates for, and strives to protect the health,safety, and rights of the patient . 4. The nurse is responsible and accountable for individual nursing practiceand determines the appropriate delegation of tasks consistent with thenurses obligation to provide optimum patient care. 5. The nurse owes the same duties to self as to others, including theresponsibility to preserve integrity and safety, to maintain competence, andto continue personal and professional growth . 6. The nurse participates in establishing, maintaining, and improving healthcare environments and conditions of employment conducive to the provisionof quality health care and consistent with the values of the professionthrough individual and collective action. 7. The nurse participates in the advancement of the profession throughcontributions to practice, education, administration, and knowledgedevelopment. 8. The nurse collaborates with other health professionals and the public inpromoting community, national, and international efforts to meet healthneeds. 9. The profession of nursing, as represented by associations and theirmembers, is responsible for articulating nursing values, for maintaining theintegrity of the profession and its practice, and for shaping social policy Provisions 1-3 The nursing ethics provisions start at the patient level and progress to a wider sphere of influence. Provisions 1-3 deal specifically with the nurses relationship to individual patients, including respecting their dignity and advocating for their care. Provisions 4-7 These provisions deal with nursing education and the nurses right (and responsibility) to improve the nursing profession and patient environments by keeping up with education and training, both for the individual nurse and for facilities, to promote more efficient and compassionate care. This is where I feel the DNR applies. It’s an Provisions 8-9 These provisions deal with nursing from a more global standpoint, urging nurses as a professional group to join with other health professionals to shape public policy and improve worldwide health and wellness. Abstract

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Profile of Tanystropheus

Profile of Tanystropheus Tanystropheus is one of those marine reptiles (technically an archosaur) that looked like it came straight out of a cartoon: its body was relatively unremarkable and lizard-like, but its long, narrow neck extended out for a disproportionate length of 10 feet, about as long as the rest of its trunk and tail. Even stranger, from a paleontological perspective, the exaggerated neck of Tanystropheus was supported by only a dozen extremely elongated vertebrae, whereas the long necks of the much longer sauropod dinosaurs of the later Jurassic period (to which this reptile was only distantly related) were assembled from a correspondingly larger number of vertebrae. (The neck of Tanystropheus is so strange that one paleontologist interpreted it, over a century ago,  as the tail of a new genus of pterosaur!) Name: Tanystropheus (Greek for long-necked one); pronounced TAN-ee-STROH-fee-us Habitat: Shores of Europe Historical Period: Late Triassic (215 million years ago) Size and Weight: About 20 feet long and 300 pounds Diet: Probably fish Distinguishing Characteristics: Extremely long neck; webbed hind feet; quadrupedal posture Why did Tanystropheus possess such a cartoonishly long neck? This is still a matter of some debate, but most paleontologists believe this reptile perched alongside the shorelines and riverbeds of late Triassic Europe and used its narrow neck as a kind of fishing line, plunging its head into the water whenever a tasty vertebrate or invertebrate swam by. However, its also possible, though comparatively unlikely, that Tanystropheus led a primarily terrestrial lifestyle, and hoisted up its long neck to feed on smaller lizards perched high up in trees. ​A recent analysis of a well-preserved Tanystropheus fossil discovered in Switzerland supports the fisherman reptile hypothesis. Specifically, the tail of this specimen shows an accumulation of calcium carbonate granules, which can be interpreted as meaning that Tanystropheus had especially well-muscled hips and powerful hind legs. This would have provided an essential counterweight to this archosaurs comically long neck and prevented it from tumbling into the water when it snagged and attempted to reel in a big fish. Helping to confirm this interpretation, another recent study shows that the neck of Tanystropheus only accounted for one-fifth of its body mass, the remainder concentrated in the rear portion of  this archosaurs  body.

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Distributed Database Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Distributed Database - Essay Example Best customers are those who subscribe to 7day, 52week, EZPay {automatic payment from credit card} subscriptions. 2. Existance in the marketplace and we have touched them. By building "complete" universe of households with extended demographics, and by attaching "touch" or contact histories to individuals, can determine what is working on what types of customers (and what isn't working). We need to build touch history over time. Value increase as more history is accumulated. 3. We build a loyalty model based on a subscriber's payment history. Loyalty can be defined as overall duration as subscriber, number of consecutive payments (with unbroken service), etc. We can then create a profile of a "loyal" subscriber and more effectively identify likely churners vs. likely loyal subscribers. This is a very important step in the data warehousing project, as the foundation of the data warehousing system is the data model. A good data model will allow the data warehousing system to grow easily, as well as allowing for good performance. In data warehousing project, the logical data model is built based on user requirements, and then it is translated into the physical data model. This project uses Dimensional modeling, which is the name of the logical design technique often used for data warehouses. It is different from entity-relationship modeling.Entity relationship modeling is a logical design technique that seeks to eliminate data redundancy while Dimensional modeling seeks to present data in a standard framework that is intuitive and allows for high-performance access. Every dimensional model is composed of one table with a multi part key, called the fact table, and a set of smaller tables called dimensional tables. Each dimension table has a single part primary key that corresponds exactly to one of the components of the multi part key in the fact table. This characteristic star like structure is often called a star join. A fact table, because it has a multi part key made up of two or more foreign keys always expresses a many-to-many relationship. The